After 20 years in Japan, this energetic, competitive sport
has finally crossed the ocean and made it to the winter tundra of Canada!

Yukigassen, Japanese for "Snow Battle" is a sport for all ages and skill levels which, could not be more perfectly defined as "truly Canadian in nature".

This dynamic game is played on a snow court 40 meters long by 10 metres wide. Each team of seven battles the opposing team with 90 snowballs per period attempting to eliminate the opposing team with the snowballs or capturing their flag. All snowballs are made to specific standards in the machines provided so the game is fair and safe. Please see RULES for a complete set of rules and regulations in Canada.

It has become the perfect sport for co-workers and businesses to put teams together – embracing the community spirit while raising camaraderie in the workplace. It's ideal for friends, classmates and teammates from other sports to get together to compete and enjoy the winter. It is a sport where the entire community comes together to have fun, compete and experience the outdoor spirit of Canadian winters. Take a look at the most recent GALLERY photos from our partners at Yukigassen Japan.

Yukigassen Canada Inc. is the governing body for the sport in Canada and will be launching a series of events across Canada. National Championships will be held annually to determine one women’s and one men’s team who will have the opportunity to represent Canada at the World Championships in Japan. Please go to EVENTS to see the upcoming events in your area to REGISTER your team!